KNESKO founder Lejla Cas is a true original who resists easy categorization. She’s a Reiki Master. An internationally renowned celebrity skin care specialist. Esthetician and makeup artist. Businesswoman, entrepreneur. Mother, wife. Friend, teacher, healer. Lejla is all of these things and more. From her childhood in Australia to life as a globe-trotting entrepreneur, here’s her amazing story:

Lejla’s Past, Present, Future

I launched KNESKO Skin in 2012 after being in the skincare industry for over twelve years. Starting my own brand was a natural progression. I always knew I wanted to create something bigger than myself; to empower women and men, and to have a real impact on the world in some positive way. As clear as the intention was in my mind, that path wasn’t always so clear. But I always knew that if I kept my eyes and my heart open, I would discover how to get there on the way.

I began working in the skincare business in my adoptive home of Australia in 2000. My family settled there in 1996 after my country was torn apart in the Bosnian War. My early childhood was harrowing, to say the least, but moving to Australia offered a chance for my entire family to finally feel safe and stable. For everything that we went through, my family’s strength and perseverance created the mindful, hard-working, purpose-driven woman I grew up to be.

At some time in 2002 with my skincare career well underway, I was introduced to Reiki and began using it to help keep me balnaced and grounded in my daily life. Fascinated with crystals and their metaphysical healing powers from that young age, I dreamed of creating a company based on the principles of my greatest love: energy work, skincare, and crystals. I started to see that my career path could take on a deeper meaning and purpose if I could share those benefits with others and inspire them to new heights. With my ambition newly recharged, I came to the United States in 2007 on a work visa, and I never looked back. During the years before I launched KNESKO, I worked for leading international cosmetic brands while continuing to see private clients for skincare and makeup services.

In my first years in the U.S., I was constantly traveling all over the country for work. I traveled to 40 states to be exact! I saw thousands of stressed-out clients who said the same thing- that they felt they had no time for themselves. I suddenly realized that I felt the same way!

I knew then it was time to start following the advice I had been giving for years: I needed to find Balance to give my relationships, family and myself the same level of respect and care that I put into my professional life.

So, I made a few simple lifestyle changes. I began masking and meditating in my hotel rooms after long flights. I delved deeper into my energy healing work using crystals and Reiki to align my Chakras. And it worked. With my heart open and my mind at rest, I realized that not only did I feel better, but I actually looked better. It was then that I discovered what would be KNESKO’s fundamental truth: beautiful skin starts from within.

I was inspired to use this concept to help my clients achieve that same balance and holistic beauty. After some fearful but thrilling planning, my husband and I dove in headfirst and registered KNESKO as a company in 2012. We took the money we had saved for our “dream wedding and invested in building our dream business from the ground up. It wasn’t long before we developed our first two products: Nanogold Repair Gold Face Masks and Diamond Radiance Diamond Face Masks.

When we first started KNESKO, we worked from home, using our garage as a warehouse, and assembling each product by hand. Each shipment felt like its own miraculous accomplishment. Until finally, our “big break” came in the most unexpected, but incredible way…

One ordinary day, the Spa Director from The Four Seasons Beverly Wilshire on Rodeo Drive, the hotel from “Pretty Woman,” called me. I had been there the week before just making a cold call and dropping off samples.  The lead esthetician from their spa had tried our masks, loved them and asked to contact me right away for a meeting.  The rest is history. I knew immediately we were on the verge something big.

Now, years later, our client list has grown to include hundreds of Luxury 5-Star hotels and resorts, high-end department stores, and exclusive boutiques. Today, we have celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Jessica Alba, Jessica Simpson, and Paris Hilton sharing their love of our products with their fans on social media. The Beverly Wilshire remains one of our most loyal customers!

Throughout our growth spurt, I continued to build my reputation as an established celebrity esthetician. My study and my career have always been built on the science of skincare. Living in Los Angeles offered me an incredibly unique opportunity to share my expertise with people in Hollywood. One day, I even got in front of the cameras for an episode of “Keeping Up with The Kardashians.”

Lejla’s Skincare

I take KNESKO’s principles to heart and indulge in a skin care regimen every day. As a businesswoman, wife, and mom to my adorable “babypreneur”, Ayla, I am always busy. But I make it a priority to take some me-time every day to renew my mind, body, and spirit so I can put my best self into the world. The more time I take for my own health and wellness, the more everything in life seems to work out.

I begin every day with a 15-minute meditation in which I perform affirmations and set the day’s intentions. I often multitask – I do my meditation in the shower! I take 1 full hour every Sunday to do a KNESKO mask. After I apply the treatment, I meditate and reset my intentions for the upcoming week as the GEMCLINICAL® technology penetrates my skin and stimulates my Chakras for optimal healing from the inside out.

When I’m feeling low or uninspired throughout a day, I make a conscious effortto connect with myself. It’s hard as a working mum, a businesswoman, and entrepreneur. It’s very easy to get caught up in daily activities and forget to take care of yourself. Sometimes I even set reminders on my calendar, to just take a minute to breathe. On those days when I put myself last, I really see and feel the difference in how I feel and how I look. It’s during those moments I feel stronger than ever about my message with KNESKO: that self-love and care, and putting yourself first, is often the most effective way to become the best version of yourself for you alone and for the people who depend on you.

Lejla’s Family: KNESKO and Beyond

KNESKO is truly a family-owned and operated business. Growing up in Perth, Australia, I was raised in love and acceptance. Now that I’m living in Los Angeles, I make sure to return to my roots by visiting Perth every year to spend time with my parents and brother who still live there. Family is everything and I never want to feel far away from them.

Today the U.S. is my home, and I am just your typical mum next door.  At home, I tend to live a mellow and quiet lifestyle surrounding myself by nature as much as possible. With my active business life and travels, I truly cherish my time at home with my husband, my daughter, and our rescue dog Jade (like the gemstone!). I really enjoy just laying low and being as involved and present with my family as possible before it’s time to get back to work.

KNESKO continues to expand in 5-star spas, exclusive resorts, luxury retailers, and among an ever-growing and loyal customer base worldwide. And we have big plans to grow our lifestyle brand with new innovations, gorgeous products, and transformative experiences within the skincare and wellness industry. We hope you you’ll continue to follow us on this exciting journey and evolve with us along the way.

To learn more about me and Knesko journey, follow us on Instagram @kneskoskin and @mrsknesko.

With Love,