Beauty from the Inside Out

At KNESKO, we take a unique approach to skincare, self-care and overall beauty. We believe true beauty comes from within, but we also understand how important it is to properly care for your skin. That’s why our entire KNESKO collection is carefully designed and lovingly crafted to treat the skin, body, mind and spirit as a whole.

Every one of our gemstone-infused collagen masks is made with our proprietary GEMCLINICAL® technology, a unique blend of precious minerals and gemstones with doctor-formulated, all-natural and clean skincare ingredients. All the products are then charged with loving, healing Reiki energy promoting a state of total relaxation, enlightenment, and well-being.

Our masks are packed with nature’s bountiful and powerful ingredients to revitalize, brighten, and hydrate your skin, while nourishing your mind and spirit. The result? True beauty that begins deep within your soul.

Trade Secret GEMCLINICAL® Technology

Gemstones have always been associated with luxury, beauty and power. Here at KNESKO, we worked closely with a team of doctor’s to harness these incredible properties and create cutting-edge natural skin care that’s as effective as it is opulent. At its core, our ground-breaking GEMCLINICAL® technology is the infusion of gemstone particles into a proprietary, doctor-formulated mask serum. Meaning every time you relax with a KNESKO collagen mask, you’re bathing your skin in real, natural gemstones.

We specifically chose each gemstone such as gold, diamonds, rose quartz and black pearl, for their incredible healing properties. Just as diamonds themselves sparkle, our diamond-infused masks will help brighten your skin. Colloidal gold particles speed up serum absorption to bolster self-rejuvenation for superb skin repair. Rose quartz soothes and calms with antioxidants, while pearl powder’s natural calcium and amino acids detoxify.

Our clinically advanced GEMCLINICAL® masks are one-way delivery systems for cruelty-free ingredients and gemstone particles to reverse signs of premature aging and to promote healing from the deepest skin layers.

Holistic Healing

Just like beauty is more than skin deep, our GEMCLINICAL® masks are about more than physical healing. Every gemstone, from gold and diamonds to black pearls and rose quartz, is carefully selected for its spiritual potency and ability to stimulate your body’s energy centres.

We elevate this spiritual healing even further by charging every mask with Reiki energy. Reiki, the life energy that flows through all living things, works in conjunction with the gemstones in our masks to help you open your mind and soul to the love, purity, and power you have within, and centres yourself in creativity and confidence.

KNESKO and You

How you feel on the inside reflects not only how you look on the outside, but also how the world responds to you.

Our unique approach to skin and self-care emphasizes the importance of taking time to intentionally and intuitively connect to your true self. Choose a KNESKO mask that speaks to your skincare needs, apply it according to package instructions, and breathe deeply. Sink into the luxurious feeling of relaxing your mind and rebalancing your spirit all while rejuvenating your skin.

All of our products are cruelty-free, sustainable, paraben free, hypoallergenic, and ophthalmologist recommended. Experience the difference of GEMCLINICAL® technology for yourself with any of our facial, eye, lip, neck, and décolleté .